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hello (again)! I survived the w.t and a.w.e extinctions and am now here for the time being

I talk about: my day to day life, my feelings, knitting/yarn, art, books, lesbian stuff, naps, random objects I find, piano, ukulele, and organising. sometimes I do my nails and take pictures of it. my favourite colours are blues and chromatic greys.

I am friendly (I hope) but not great at initiating conversations, so talk to me!

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ok, since is back, I'm moving back over there to @linen

hopefully this is the final move

I'll keep the account around as an alt, but idk if I'll actually use it

if I do, it'll probably mostly be about my feeeeeeelings

ok, since is back, I'm moving back over there to @linen

hopefully this is the final move

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I was Reflecting on my Youth with my sister and remembered that lip smackers were a turns out they still exist with a vengeance (and have partnered with many franchises, wow such branding):

tag yrself, I'm "Smoothie Chillerz - Pomegranate Zing"

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today is the first day this year I've been able to work in my underwear with the windows open! it's even ~coordinated~ totally by coincidence

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my lip balm tube cracked :(

can I fix this, or do I need to move it to a little jar or something?

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reminder that this is an official pepsi document (cw for pepsi)

hmm, these nails are pretty but keep catching on my knitting...I guess next time I should put the glitter on the nail instead of just shoving my finger into the glitter pot

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slightly regretting the decision to make a lace skirt out of 2400m laceweight bc I have to undo everything i have so far (tho at least it isn’t very much)

on a related note, I cleaned out my freezer this weekend!

asking for a friend (no I'm not), but....if you get food poisoning a bunch of times over a couple months, do you eventually build up your immune system and become less susceptible to it? or is that just wishful thinking?

nails update: flowery spots